Results From Prior Events

Decoding the Results Sheets

The “Run” column shows the total time from the start to the finish line.  All times listed in the Run column are raw, actual times, not counting the cone penalties.  The lists are sorted by FTD (fastest time of day) with the quickest drivers at the top.

Numbers in the “C” columns represent cones or hay bales hit.  Each hit adds two seconds to the driver’s time, but that is only reflected in the FTD time, if applicable, as all other times are listed as actual. So, the FTD could actually be a driver’s second-fastest raw time, if they hit a cone on their fastest run.

“DNF” means the car took off from the starting line but did not finish, usually due to a mechanical issue. The 1st Run column just says “y” for yes because the first run is meant for reconnaissance and practice, not racing, so no times are recorded on the first run.  Exceptions to that are the morning corner workers who drive in the afternoon. Their first runs are listed in the 2nd Run column.