Register as a Volunteer for the 2024 Waumandee Time Trials - September 28 or 29, 2024

We love volunteer corner workers!

This event simply could not happen without the kindness and generosity of all of our volunteers.

You’ve never worked at a race before? Don’t worry, we will train you in advance. Corner working is a great way to get close to the action without driving.

We have station placements along the course that are several feet above pavement level for safety, with flat surfaces covered with large carpet squares designed to accommodate folding chairs. All workers are welcome to bring a folding chair and can remain seated for their entire shift, except when resetting the occasional cone or haybale moved by a driver. A few positions are within easy walking distance of a porta-potty, but most just have bushes nearby. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are provided at all worker stations. Complimentary refreshments are also furnished, including bottled water, orange juice, cookies, apples, donuts, chips, mixed nuts, chocolates, granola bars, and even Pop Tarts! We take very good care of our corner workers!

Those who agree to volunteer for the whole day (two 3.5-hour stints with a nice long break at lunch) will receive free refreshments at their posts, free lunch, and free dinner at the awards banquet.

Volunteers will be contacted in advance for all training and preparation.

You are cordially invited to fill out and submit the form below, as long as you are at least 18 years old.

Volunteer Duties and Descriptions

Please note that for volunteers, the Waumandee Time Trials is a single day of volunteering, and of course you are welcome to join us for the full weekend of fun if you like. For 2024, the race itself is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th, with Sunday the 29th reserved in case of rain on Saturday. Volunteers need to keep both days open until the Saturday/Sunday decision is made by that Thursday at noon.

Start: One person coordinates with the ham radio operator at the starting line to give the “THREE…TWO…ONE…GO!” hand signals to each driver to start them up the hill. 

Corners 1 to 8: Closest to the action! Workers stationed along the course, a few feet UP the embankment on our carpet pads. Responsible for occasionally resetting the hay bale and cone chicanes. Bring your own folding chair. Porta-potties can be accessed from corners 1 and 8 (and a longer walk from 7), but corners 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 have no porta-potty access, just nearby bushes. In addition to the free refreshments at your station, there will be toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

End Zone/Entry: At the top of the hill, a few hundred feet after the finish line, next to the “ROAD CLOSED” signs. Responsible for keeping public vehicles, bikers, pedestrians, and horse riders from entering our restricted area, unless they sign our waiver and are given specific instructions to continue into the paddock only. All adults entering the restricted area must sign our waiver (except law enforcement and first responders). Giving out detour maps and explaining our event road closure diplomatically to people who insist they should be allowed to drive through.  Also responsible for releasing competitors at one-minute intervals in cadence with the Start, one by one, to drive the return route from the End Zone around to the Start. The End Zone has a porta-potty within easy walking distance.

Radar Gun: Three volunteers drive their own vehicles and strategically hide themselves in various places along the return road, using our radar guns to check the speed of competitors driving around on the public roads back to the starting line. Also watching for any “automotive horseplay” such as burnouts or donuts (which would disqualify the driver). In previous years, neighbors have called the cops about cars speeding on their roads, so we need to police ourselves. Report any infractions over the radio. Radar gunners can briefly return to the paddock or the finish line to use a porta-potty, especially when the Orange (race) group is running, because race cars don’t take the public return roads.

Again, please accept our most heartfelt thanks for volunteering. You will enjoy free and delicious refreshments at every station. All-day volunteers also get free lunch served by our charity caterer during the break, which will happen around 12:30pm, as well as free dinner at the awards banquet at 6:30pm.